Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Dennis is the best Daddy to our sweet Lucinda. We are so lucky to have him. I created this word cloud with all of the words that describe him. We love you Daddy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Grand Canyon State

When Tootz said she was going to see Russell and Jodee over President's Day, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to get out of the cold and go see them. I was nervous about taking LC on a plane, but knew I could do it with my Mom's help. I also really wanted Jodee and Russell to meet LC. And for her to meet her cousins, Calvin and Wesley. On our flight to Arizona I was really nervous. She was a bit fussy, but my mom just took her and patted her back. She looked like this in no time.

This is my LC on her first flight.

We had the most amazing time!! LC got to lay on grass for the first time. I think she didn't know quite what to make of it.

We got to play in the park. This is the boys playing...

And this was LC in the park...

I guess the stroller on the way to the park was just too soothing

As for the rest of the trip. Calvin and Wesley affectionately named LC, Yacinda Cousin. Calvin especially loved his Yacinda Cousin. He kept saying...I hug you, I Kiss you. He unfortunately had a little cold so he couldn't. The next time we see them I will let him kiss her all he wants. He was also very concerned whenever LC would cry. He would inform me...Baby crying, Baby crying! Aunt Jodee took us to the ribbon store and made LC the cutest little shoes. Russell taught us all about the Paleo way of eating. All and all it was a wonderful trip. On the way home we had a majorly delayed flight and LC was a trooper. She fell right to sleep on the flight and this time I was a little more relaxed. We miss Jodee, Russell, Calvin, and Wesley already. But I told them we are going to have to visit every winter. It was so nice to see and feel the warm sun. It was just nice enough to convince me I can make it through the rest of the winter.

JT Squared

So we have some new/old friends. I just want to give a public shout out and say Thank you JT Squared for being awesome. It is so fun to have people in your life who know what you have been through, where you have been, how you made your way back, and how awesome life can be. I know there is a reason we reconnected with these people. Thanks JT Squared....YOU ROCK!

Rolly Polly LC

She did it! LC rolled oer for the first time on February 6th, 2011. It was super bowl Sunday and Grandma Tootz and I were watching her and she just rolled over! She has done it quite a few times since the fist time. She always does it when I least expect it and often cannot get the whole thing on video. She is also really close to rolling from her back to her tummy. She can roll on her side, but won't go the rest of the way. Here are a few of her rolling videos. I love this girl.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The demise of the bookstore

I went to a bookstore this morning and it actually made me a little sad. I love bookstores. In fact, I used to work at one. There is something magical about the smell of a bookstore and aisles and aisles of books. I have been reading a lot lately about how bookstores are on the verge on bankruptcy. With the digital age we live in, books are becoming obsolete. I don't own a digital bookreader and perhaps I don't know the joy of one. But to me there is something about cracking open a new book. Or re-reading an old favorite. I know books take up a lot of space, but to me they are wonderful. I hope that bookstores don't go away completely...but I guess only time will tell.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas and New Years

We had a wonderful holiday. Marlene got to come stay with us for a few weeks and Lisa, Bryan, and little Roo were here. It doesn't get better than that. Well, except for if Jodee, Russell, Calvin and Wesley were there.

Here are some pics of the fun things that happened.

Lucinda's first Christmas dress

Marlene got the Ipod she wanted

The family all hung out for New Years. Ask Lisa what she keeps in her freezer...:D

Lucinda got her ears pierced

And Lucinda got to meet her big sister

Growing up smiling

Lucinda is almost 3 months old now. She smiled for the first time on December 23rd, 2010. I think she was just really excited that Aunt Lisa came for a visit from California. How could you not love this smile??